International Symposium on Natural Medicines (ISNM) 2017

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the International Symposium on Natural Medicines (ISNM) 2017.
ISNM2017 will be held in August 24-25, 2017 at IPB International Convention Center (IPB-ICC) in Bogor, Indonesia.
The symposium venue is located next to the Bogor Botanical Garden.

This year’s theme is Sustainable Use of Natural Products for Human’s Health and Welfare.
ISNM2017 embraces all aspects of Natural Medicines and solicites high quality papers in the following areas:

  • Ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology
  • Exploration of new sources of natural product for medicines
  • Agricultural and forest product for natural medicines
  • Medicinal plant cultivation and conservation
  • Standardization of natural medicines
  • Phytochemistry and phytomedicines
  • Bioassay technique (biological activity, toxicity)
  • Microbiology and molecular biology in natural medicines
  • Experimental and clinical pharmacology
  • Omics technology (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics) in natural medicines
  • Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology
  • Development of natural medicines product
  • Policy, social and economic aspect for development of natural medicines
  • Miscellaneous topics but related to natural medicine

Student presenters are eligible for the student discount rate, please see the Registration for details.
Please see the Call for Papers for details.

Selected papers will be published in either the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science (JAPS)* or
the Jurnal Jamu Indonesia.

* The MOU with JAPS is in progress.



International Symposium on Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Metabolomics (ISBCM) 2016

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to join the first of  the International Symposium on Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Metabolomics (ISBCM) 2016. The event will be held on October 18, 2016 at IPB International Convention Center in Bogor, Indonesia.
ISBCM 2016 will bring together researchers working on Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Metabolomics (ISBCM), which are vibrant multidisciplined fields with positive trend in this decade. Metabolomics is an “advanced research” approach used to improve our understanding of metabolic systems and biochemistry compositions of plants and animals. Chemometrics is a science of how to extract information from chemical systems that can be applied to solve both descriptive and predictive problems in experimental life sciences. Bioinformatics refers to conceptualizing biology in terms of macro molecule (from points of views of chemistry and physics), and then applying computational approaches from applied mathematics, computer science and statistics in order to understand and manage molecular information in its macro scale.
The theme of this year is the Emerging Era of Bioinformatics, Chemometrics, and Metabolomics in Agriculture, Food and Health: Current Success, Future Potentials and Challenges. This conference embraces all aspects of BCM applications for solving real problems in food, health and agriculture. High quality, original papers are solicited in all areas of Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Metabolomics
The conference will be featured by keynote addresses, number of invited talks and contributed lectures. In addition, there will be oral presentation and poster sessions.  We would like to announce the important dates:
August 20, 2016: Abstract Submission Deadline
August 23, 2016: Acceptance Notification
September 15, 2016: Full-Paper Submission Deadline
October 18, 2016: ISBCM 2016 Symposium
Registration Form: click here.
Registration Fee: click here.
In view of your important contributions, we would like to invite you to participate to the conference. Here we send you ISBCM 2016 poster. For more detail information, please visit our website
Thank you for your very kind attention. We’d appreciated if you could help us to spread this information to your colleagues whom are interested in bioinformatics, chemometrics and metabolomics. We are looking forward to seeing you for the conference at Bogor and we believe that your contribution will make the symposium fruitful and benefit for all of us. The success of ISBCM 2016 will be ensured with your kind contribution.
Best regards,
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Yth Bapak/Ibu
Berikut kami sampaikan bahwa kami akan membuka Pelatihan Pengembangan Metode Fingerprint Analysis Berbasis HPLC Batch II apabila ada minimal 10 peserta. Kegiatan ini diadakan oleh Pusat Studi Biofarmaka LPPM-IPB pada 17-18 Mei 2016 di Kampus IPB Taman Kencana.

Seminar Sehari Dies Natalis PSB: Standardisasi Hulu Hilir Jamu Produk Biofarmaka


Yth Bapak/Ibu,

Dalam rangka memperingati 51 Tahun IPB & 16 Tahun Pusat Studi Biofarmaka (PSB), PSB bekerjasama dengan Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian RI akan menyelenggarakan Seminar Sehari Dies Natalis PSB dengan tema: “Standardisasi Hulu Hilir Jamu Produk Biofarmaka“, pada hari Kamis tanggal 25 September 2014 di Hotel Salak The Heritage, Bogor.




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